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OIL100 Oils and Whole Plant Extracts

(RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, Hash Oil, Hemp Oil)

Designed to teach you to efficiently and safely extract oils using ethyl alcohol.  This is a completely food grade process for safe oils. Complete directions and course materials.

 What is it used for?

Cancers, Tumors, Lesions, Bruising, Warts, Burns, Broken Bones, Sports and fitness damage, Muscle damage, Sun Burn, Eating Disorders, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Nausea, Cramps, Diabetes, Arthritis, IBS, Chromes', MS, Lupus, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, CF, Cp and more.

How do you use the oils? What is the Dose?

1/10th Gram to begin with (grain of rice)
Increase as possible to 1 gram per day.
Use daily for 60-90 days.
How is it used? 
Apply Directly
Add to foods
Add to lotions
Add to elixirs
In Capsules
In Lotions
Diluted with Grape Seed Oils
Infused in Butters and Foods


Price:                      $25

Instructor:             Stoney Girl, Mike Mullins

Day/Time:              Sun.  4:00 pm


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