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Consulting Agreement and Licensing Information

What is a Stoney Girl Club Pit Bull? A chance to join a growing community of organizations that provide quality assured products through proven methods to its members. Expand your offerings and show that your helping our industry set new bars for quality products and premium services. We are creating a life style and way of doing business.

A Stoney Girl Consulting Agreement allows you to become an Authorized Stoney Girl Gardens Licensed Distributor and enjoy the following: 

Club Pit Bull – Official Club License

Club Pit Bull can be patient resource, store front, club, café or whatever your business plan requires.  We support any legal, sound, and safe plan for the entrepreneur in this new industry. And remember, you do not have to name your club “Club Pit Bull” to take advantage of this offer.

Use of our name, logo and promotional materials as an official “Club Pit Bull”

Optional support from our staff in planning, presentations, setup, design, rules , regulations, membership, transactions,  security and operations.

Opportunity to associate with other Club owners in information, litigation, support and more.

Stoney Girl Gardens Authorized Distributor – Official Distribution and Resellers License

Access to Stoney Girl Authorized Products and Services

Stoney Girl Gardens Seeds

Official Stoney Girl Garden Seed Distributor.  Stoney Girl will only sell seeds through distributors and never directly to the public.  You will be a direct link between our customer and our product.

Stoney Girl Gardens Cuttings

Official Stoney Girl Garden Distributor.  Stoney Girl associate gardens will provide you with clones. You will be a direct link between our customer and our product. 

Stoney Girl Gardens Authorized Associate Gardens

Access to our Associate Gardeners. 

These gardens are Certified by Stoney Girl to produce products in accordance with our high standards.  We physically teach, inspect, qualify and quantify each of these gardens to meet our standards for quality assurance of medicine and organic methods of cultivation. Safe products and safe handling is guaranteed. Contact us to see more about becoming an associate garden with a Production or Development License.    

Access to our Associate Products and Services

We offer a list of qualified growers, but it doesn’t stop there.  We also offer a fine array of other manufacturers such as Medibles.  We understand that your business may be up to 50 percent in products that are not smoked.  These products range from Lotions, Potions, Rubs, Balms, Drops, Tinctures, Cookies, Candies, and more.  We constantly run into great new products and services that we can recommend to you.

Portlandsterdam University Education 

Satellite University as “Official Campus"

Access to Knowledge Base, Discounted Classes

Access to Instructors, and individual training

Access to graduates and certificate holders

Sunny Girl Gardens Ultra Premium Container Mix Products

Wholesale pricing

Retail distributor license



Web Site Listings under Club Pit Bull on all Stoney Girl Gardens Enterprise Sites.

Media and Print Advertising in Major Magazines, News Papers and Radio


Guest Appearances from Stoney Girl, Elvy Mussika, and others to be announced.

Contests for Hash Machines, Lights and more

Gear – T-Shirts, Key Chains, Boxes and more.

Special Events


Early Bird Onetime fee of $5,000.00 (Oregon Only). Annual Licensing subject to review, however we expect to always honor a basic plan for your entry with Club Pit Bull.

You’re Responsibilities:

You may distribute other brands and products; however you may not distribute or produce a Stoney Girl product from an unauthorized Stoney Girl source other than a certified agent as listed by Stoney Girl.

You must act entirely within State and Local Guidelines and hold us harmless.

You must provide a safe environment for your business.

You must provide and insure the safety of other products you distribute.

You must offer products at a reasonable rate.  You may not over charge for goods and services in accordance with Stoney Girl and Developing Industry Standards.

You must offer customer service in accordance with Stoney Girl and Developing Industry Standards.

We value this opportunity to create new standards that excel in our evolving industry.  You are a major part of this development. Join us help direct the future of this industry.


            For more information contact Mike Mullins at 503-788-2349




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