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Open a Dispensary In Oregon
Join the Largest and Oldest Association of Dispensaries in Oregon - Since 2008!
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Club Pit Bull Listings

New Expanded  Classes and Schedules!  Learn the Business of Growing and Clubs in Oregon. New Classes In Portland, Salem and Astoria.

RSO Oil Classes Now Available.                  Now Available for Download:

New 2013 Brochure: Class Details, Descriptions, Pricing, Days and Times in PDF format

2014 Winter Spring Schedule For Semester Days  with added classes in Portland, Salem, Astoria, Hermiston and Seaside.

New AHP Course Material Requirements

From just learning to grow in your closet, to creating a production grow for Clubs, or opening your own club you can find it here. 

All our classes are easy to afford, easy to understand, and easy to get to.  Only take the course that you need or save money and buy the whole semester.

Learn to grow a Complete Cycle from Beginning to End in Just 9 Weeks!

When is it time to Harvest?

Do I remove Shade Leaves?

Does My Plant Need Darkness?

How Much Product Should I Expect?

Which way do I plant a seed?

How Do I Make The Best Hash Without Bubble Bags?

All Your Questions Answered

  • Learn to Grow like a Pro from the experts.

  • Learn the basics of how to grow for yourself.

  • Learn to grow for multiple patients using established guidelines.

  • Prepare for the future of the Medical Marijuana Industry in Oregon.

  • Get a jump on the seasons with our advanced classes.   

  • Learn to breed and establish your own brands.

  • Meet some of the world’s foremost professionals in the field.

  • Learn from Stoney Girl Gardens, as featured in Big Book of Buds 4 and Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Growers Handbook, High Times and Skunk magazines.

  • Learn to make Hash l

  • Learn to make your own soaps, balms, salves.

  • Learn to create and open your own business in the world of Medical Cannabis

  • Prepare for the future of Oregon's new industry

Assisting Patients, Doctors, Professionals, Organizations and Businesses in the Medical Marijuana Industry.

Providing Certifications for Quality Production Gardeners and Stoney Girl Associate Gardens

Advanced Studies in Genetics and Science for the Medical Cannabis Industry. Advocating Standards and Practices to safely meet the needs of Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients.

We have a great lineup of experts, from activists to scientists. Check out our Faculty.

See More Information On Our Classes now open for enrollment.

NEW CLASSES ADDED for 2014!  Semester Days and Packaged Pricing is Here!

10 Instructors and 20 Classes Now Available.  More coming soon.

Join Us - Find out what positions are open at the University.

Hash Making Class

Open to the Public.  No OMMP Cards Required

New 2 for 1 Special for Low Income and Unemployed Couples and Growers/Patients

Students Return for Free!

Oregon Pain Commission Pain Management Module Now Available

Our Mission

To get you growing. To assist the Medical Marijuana Industry in creating healthy, sound practices in Organic production and handling of MMJ Industry products.


Company Profile

Sponsored by Stoney Girl Gardens Enterprises

Featured in Big Book of Buds 2010

Contributors and Sponsors of Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Growers Handbook 2009

Proud Sponsors of High Times Medical Cannabis Awards

Proud Sponsors of International Cannabis and Hemp Expo


See a list of faculty here.

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